1. Ummm... are you a girl or a guy?
I'm a girl. I get this a lot actually.

2. So why do you always make guy's clothes?
Because I think they're brilliant! I've also yet to come across a female character I really like and the boys always seem to have the best outfits. I mean, waist-coats? Breeches? Giant, poofy doublets? What's not to love?

3. What about re-enactment?
Re-enactment's a tricky thing. I do multiple time-periods but my main is the very early 16th century Holy Roman Empire. Most groups in Canada, Europe, and the UK are pretty good about letting their female members dress as soldiers.

4. Will you make me something?
I’m not adverse to the idea. Drop me a line at and we’ll talk.

5. When did you start making costumes?
When I was twelve but the dressing-up started when I was three or four. See below.

Things have improved a bit.
6. What was your first self-made costume?
Julius Caesar from the Asterix comics. I made it in Grade Eight from towels, cardboard, and old tube-socks.

7. Can we see a picture?
This particular costume met a fiery death in a burning barrel but I'll share a shot of Julius Caesar Mk. II at one point in the blog.

8. What is your dream costume?
Probably Maximilian I’s Holy Roman Emperor robes, complete with armour, crown, and gross old man make-up.

9. What is your favourite part of making a costume?
The end. No, jk. That little thrill you get when you see it starting to come together or when you pull something particularly difficult off.

10. What was the hardest costume you’ve ever made?
Reed Cassidy from Flyboys for Halloween back in 2006. It was my first time drafting a pattern from scratch and I had to redo the pockets four times.

11. What's your favourite costume? 
That's a tough one. I've yet to make that One Costume I absolutely adore which is why I keep making more. Marius Leitdorf is pretty close; it's going to be hard finding something to top his gear.

12. What inspires you?
Usually ugly dudes with big noses, various types of music, and my kick-ass, very supportive group of fellow costume nerds. I heart you guys.

13. Would you consider doing this for a living? 
Probably not. I would leap at the chance to be a historical advisor in the film industry but the actual design and construction of costumes doesn't really appeal unless I'm doing it for myself.

14. How many costumes have you made to date?
 Eeesh, good question. Upwards of 19 complete outfits.

15. Do you have a gallery? 
Not a proper one. For now, you can find most of it at - WARNING: Hideously out-of-date.

16. What's your 'normal person' job?
I'm the curator at our local Air Force Museum. There's not much else you can do with a couple of military history degrees, so it's pretty swell. 

17. What the hell is your brother wearing on his head in that picture?
A chicken-shaped tea-cosy.