Monday, April 11, 2011

Marius Day 4: Foam and Flail

And because I can't expect to go to bed and sleep decently without writing a Marius update, here you go.

I've been in a bit of a Giovanni coma for the last week but Marius has been my muse, mostly due to some tunes by Two Steps From Hell that put me in mind of epic fits of rage and lots of orc blood as well as a passage in the Empire codex that attributed one of the Empire's larger wars with Bretonnia to some untimely remarks our good Elector Count made about someone's infamously ugly wife. (It's tough to resist costuming a guy who can start wars with the stuff he says). But despite lots of mental flail, Marius has been getting the shaft when it comes to progress.

Buuut, I did pick up some rigid insulation the weekend before last for carving the leather forms for his cuirass, boots, and pauldrons. This is what we've got so far:

It's double-layered and it's been glued together with Flex-bond, an adhesive commonly used in the set-building world. These two chunks are for the boots. They will be made like the lower legs of my 1490s German armour but put together has composite boots. To give you some vague ideas, see the following:

That second bit is for the cuirass. I've got to get the size finalized before I start carving but this is going to be a regular-shaped globose cuirass. Nothing too complicated. The foam carves and sands very nicely but I'm a bit nervous about this since I've never formed leather before. And there is some giant-ass stuff that needs to be formed for Marius.

Two months looks like a long time on paper. I can absolutely get Giovanni done in time but Marius is going to be tight. Fingers crossed though! One step at a time.

PS If you're in the mood for epic rages and lots of orc blood, I recommend the following (and Two Steps From Hell in general because they rock my world beyond belief): Dragon Rider and Ocean Princess

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