Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giovanni: Test Run

A bit premature but I got all the bits together and on me for the first time tonight. There's a lot left to go but MAN, it does what it's supposed to! Especially with the hood up. And once I've got the makeup down + contact lenses which I ordered tonight.... adfjjdalkja omg.

I've been getting the gym on fairly regularly for the last month and it's starting to show on my face, which is really going to help with the lean and hungry look Gio has. Only problem is, the doublet pattern was made back in January, season of Post-Christmas Fatness. So it's a little big. But too big is ALWAYS better than too small.

There would be pictures but I want to get further along before that. And it's nearly midnight.

Sword belt is 99% done. More Sculpey tomorrow. Will start the shoulder-guard cording VERY soon because I'm sick of the damned thing always slipping off my shoulder when I'm testing stuff out.

Later, dudes.

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