Sunday, October 16, 2011


So it turns out that the last post was a bit of a lie. I was so busy with other things in the last couple of weeks before I left that I never got the chance to have a serious go at Maarten's stuff. I did start the gown though and once I resume, there will WIP shots there.

Europe was great; Bruges was absolutely gorgeous and I managed to do the things I needed to for Maximilian's work. Of course, seeing all of the period art, I suffered from an extreme attack of "Must Make Historical Clothing NOOOOOOOOOW." And so this will be a scheduling post, because there are a LOT of projects slated for the winter.

Lorenzo de' Medici (Since I'm not going to do the traditional Halloween costume coma this year, I'll be tweaking my old Lorenzo stuff from grad school in 2008. Adding a pair of split hosen and underwear, so I can shed the red cioppa and still look halfways decent). Finished by 30 October.

(Fine-Tuning Soft Clothes for Pure Speculation Con in Edmonton, Nov. 18-20. I may enter him in the Costume Contest; this remains to be seen since he's a relative unknown). Finished by 10 November.

1470s Padded Arming Doublet - Finished by 30 November.

The Marquis (Costume Commission for my good bro, Cil.) - 18th Century Gentlemen's outfit for the CCEE 2012. Finished by 31 March.

The Doctor from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
(The Doctor is tentatively my main for this year's CCEE but I'm pretty content to rest on my laurels after last year, so I may not be doing a big project this time around. It all depends on how far I get with the other projects.) Finished by 25 April.

Jousting Soft Clothes (Includes everything - underwear, shirt, doublet, joined hosen, gown, cap, and new boots). Finished by 30 June.

Doesn't seem like a lot on paper but I know it's going to consume a LOT of time. So onwards ho.

Just before I sign off, my room-mate and I decided to bring along bits of our ACII costumes to Europe. We were going to be in Florence for a day and we couldn't resist the opportunity to geek it up.

The second one there was taken with the laurel tree in the garden at the Palazzo Medici. I spent all of my grad year fangirling Lorenzo, so it was a pretty big deal to finally be there. The board shorts are a little bit lol-tacular but hey, it was hot.

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