Thursday, November 3, 2011


Work is progressing slowly but surely on the 1536 gear I've got to make. The deadline was extended until the 10th but I'm going to have to pull my socks up if the jerkin and gown are going to be finished. Got the body of the former together tonight except for the sleeves and while, gosh, velvet makes a lovely finished product, it is a BITCH to work with. Between the little balls of... material everywhere and its loathsome tendency to drift apart as you sew it (despite the amount of pins you put in), it's taxing to say the least. But man, it looks good when it's all together.

Would have WIP shots but there's not much to see. If I get the chance, I'll start the skirts tomorrow (YAYPLEATMATH!!shootmenowplz) and put up some pictures then. Suffice it to say that the outside is a chocolate velvet, interlined with canvas, and lined with cream-coloured polyester. The purist in me cringes at the latter but it was a matter of $5/metre poly or $35/metre silk duppioni (which isn't period either). And I wasn't footing the bill or I would have gone with the silk.

And lo, Halloween came and went and verily, the Supah Sekrit costume was debuted. We went to see The Three Musketeers a couple of weeks ago and I knew after I saw the trailer that I was going to develop a "thing" for Cardinal Richelieu (but only in the Christoph Waltz form). There's one scene where he's fencing, wearing a linen shirt (thank you, Costume Designers, for using period materials), and a nifty brown leather doublet. I saw that and went "Holy shit, I have those things. Like, THOSE EXACT THINGS. AND THAT HAIR!" So it was just a matter of making up his red pileus (fancy Latin word for "skull cap") and a sash and rocking the eyebrow-pencil!facial hair.

Probably my new favourite picture ever. Foam pirate sword ftw. Better photos later. Maybe.

Also, you know what's hot? This:

Man, if I was six feet tall, and old, and a dude, I would SO be costuming that shit. Seriously. Just love it how he's got the skirts of his cassock tucked up into the belt around his cuirass.

On the topic of not being a dude, we had our annual Gala for the Museum last Saturday. There are a couple of my co-workers who read this rather routinely and they find #1 in the FAQ rather amusing. I'm not one for wearing overly... girly things so the prospect of wearing a dress seems to require a rather large mental leap for some people. But I give you proof that it DOES happen (and that I am, in fact, of the female variety):

Furthermore, on the topic of lulz, the University library thinks I owe them $723 but that's a story for a different day. And so to bed.


  1. WHO'S A BABE-O-LICIOUS?! why, that's YOU, honey! ;D <3 (Also, Fencing Cardinal looks friggen hot too. ;3)

  2. I have to admit, I've been following you on Deviantart for years, and was always confused as to whether you were a woman with a good talent for make-up etc., or a very young, slender man. That just goes to show how well you work with the costumes. ;-) And then I wondered a little whether you'd do the man-thing in daily life, too, because you felt that way, or whether you just did it for LARP/reenactment because men have more freedom there. (But I figured I'd be rude to ask, it's none of my business and doesn't really matter either way.)

    So, thanks for being open about it in the FAQ. :-)

    So, to make things short: All I want to say is that you pull off the male characters really really well, and the research and attention to details with your outfits is always great. Aaand, that you look absolutely lovely as a woman in a dress, too.

  3. Hey, thanks for the lovely comment! Yeah, I know people tended to wonder that a lot so that's why I popped in right at the top of the FAQs. As far as gender-bending in real life, frankly, I don't have the guts to try it even though I find guy's clothing MUCH nicer looking than the stuff they make for women - it's made better, from better fabrics. And I just like the aesthetic better - it looks more robust and capable. So not gonna lie, I've got a few things in my closet from the dude's section at Tommy Hilfiger. But as far as actually trying to 'pass,' as the cool kids say - haven't done it yet. Luckily, as a woman, I can wear clothes of the opposite gender and people won't think I'm completely off my rocker. For now, that's satisfactory. But as far as costuming goes - especially historical stuff - I'll always be doing the dude thing! (Also, great question - thanks for asking. I've never had to write my reasoning out before)

    And thanks again for stopping by! You're Weinglasarien on dA, right? LOOVE your work!