Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning

Just a quick Saturday morning update here before I sit down for some more work on Dr. Jacquin's coat.

Still coming off the high from the Black Library Expo last weekend. This past week was devoted to "Sense of Dignity Reparation." You know that thing that happens where you meet someone who makes the stuff you're really into? When you're all like "HOMG, this thing that you do it's amazing homg so good and the people in it are amazing too and look i made a costume of that one guy and why did you kill off this other guy could you sign my armour pls and i even made you a mix tape of all the music that reminds me of the stuff you write about*." And then you go home and replay it all in your head and go "WHY." And then edit it so it sounds more like "Yes, indeed. I thought your handling of the sub-plots in the second half of the sequel reflected deep themes that resonate subtly in the first volume. Et cetera."

But I'm pretty sure this performance is universal across the board for most fans so on we go!

Gearing up for intensive work on Dr. Jacquin's coat for the next three weeks. We have our annual Museum Gala on 3 November and it's 1812-themed this year. 1812 - 2012 = get it? Conveniently, the guests have been invited to come in appropriate period attire if they chose. It was fortuitous, then, that I had Jacquin in the works and if I really wanted to, I could have the coat finished today if it weren't for the mountains of padded satin stitch on the collar and cuffs, which will look something like this:

I'm anticipating about forty hours of work with this - if I'm lucky - and I hope to have it started early this week. Will post WIP photos and construction notes. Stay tuned!

*Honest to god, we did. We even included a note which said essentially the same thing and would have been much more... uh... erudite had it not been dictated en route in the car on three hours of sleep.

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