Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the Saddle!

So the last post was when.... let's see here... oh, in June. Most of my activity has been over on Facebook or even Tumblr, though the latter is more a repository for unrelated rants and pictures of dudes with sideburns (and occasionally pictures of yours truly with sideburns).

So what has happened in the interim? First off, I opened up commissions after Calgary Expo to gauge the interest (and since I was feeling my oats after the win at CCEE with Marius). Pumped out a couple of LARP tunics for a friend who plays a Hobling character and then took on a 1380s minor nobleman's ensemble which consisted of a chaperon, doublet, hosen, two shirts, and two underwear. I JUST tied up this commission last night so this is a preliminary 'catch-up' post before I head back into the thick of the Witch's Guard.

I also took a stab at vending at Edmonton Expo back in September. This required some labour-intensive leather work to pull together a variety of merch - mostly tech cases plus some business card holders because, you know, we're all grown up with jobs and shit.

As it turns out, I am horrific at selling my own stuff so my friend Chelsea took over and moved pretty near the whole works by the end of Saturday. Thanks, Chels!

And then there were the smaller personal projects. First, a new doublet to wear at the Brooks International Jousting tournament. Had been after a 1507 look with this one, a la the Unicorn Tapestries. Thanks to iskaralpust for the photo!

And then there was the Witch's Guard Mk. I, debuted at Edmonton Expo. Maybe that's why I couldn't sell my merch....

I was having a bad case of "Get On My Body" with this costume so I threw together something I could wear until the more elaborate version is done. More on THAT later...

And then Korra's parka, which is the final addition to that costume (besides a better wig at some point).

Things have been quiet blog-wise since all of these projects were made in a flurry due to tight time-frames. But that's about to change since it's back to work on the Big Stuff. The Big Stuff actually needs it own post so we'll turn there now.

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