Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giovanni Day 3: Doublet


It's not airbrush-related but have some doublet! The red stripes are obnoxiously huge here but half of those widths are getting covered by the outer panels. Confused? Pictures to follow. (Also, my stripes are slightly closer together than the doublet seen in the Lineage films since there's a bit more Romano Orzari than there is yours truly. Also, also, PLEASE come to CCEE 2011, Mr. Orzari. I can guarantee at least one person will be out of their mind with joy).

You can see the shirt there too. It took four tries to get the collar right (1970s Renaissance, much?). There's over four metres of white quilting cotton in that so far because the front and back panels had to be double-layered. I grossly underestimated the amount needed and now require a THIRD trip back to F-land before I can finish the sleeves.

Rules of Thumb for Sewing:

1. Buy twice what you need in fabric.
2. Assume everything will take at least three times longer than planned.

And lo, bed beckoned. And verily I went forth and laid upon that bed and did sleep after first stressing for two and a half hours about costume deadlines.

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