Monday, April 4, 2011

Marius Day 3: Makeup!

After fooling around with prosthetics all weekend and dropping a gut-wrenchingly large sum of money on more makeup a few weeks back, I did Makeup Test # The First for Marius last night. Like Giovanni, my own nose was far from sufficient for I think Marius would have sported something along the lines of Maximilian's magnificient prow:

Best thing ever or best thing ever? Seriously. But much luck was had last night. There are still some things to be fixed but here are the results... (Caution: Self-Indulgent Pic Spammage Ahoy! [Along with the ubiquitous chain of office and velvet jerkin...])

Unfortunately, the details like the missing tooth, the liver spots, and the nasty gray hair aren't that obvious here; like televised sports, it's one of those things that are better in real-life. But I definitely think it's on the right track!

Things to fix next time:
1. Make sure the nostril undersides are WELL filled out when the next nose is poured. This is something they don't tell you in makeup books - you can't just pour a nice, thin shell of a prosthetic and expect it to sit properly on your face . Certain parts like the bridge and the nostrils have to be poured thicker so they butt up nice and tight against your own nose.

2. Stipple the poooo out of the nose with various darker hues to blend it better with the rest of the face. Unfortunately, due to its hugeness, it kind of hangs out there and catches a lot of light.

3. Liver spots and stippling are your friend. When was the last time you saw someone in their 50s with smooth-looking skin?

4. Jowls are also your friend.

5. Push the eye-pouches some more. This guy has got to look like he's slept a sum total of two hours in the last five months. More shadows are also required under the eyebrows.

6. Be sparing with the Pros-Aide prosthetic adhesive. I.e. Keep it under the prosthetic. Even if it's powdered, a layer of cream makeup overtop creates a gruesome, un-navigable morass.

That's all for now, folks! I realize I sound like a broken record but Giovanni is on the way! Stay tuned for airbrush adventures later this week. For real, this time.

PS I'm going to put together a prosthetic tutorial once I get this really nailed down since the internets are profoundly lacking in such areas.


  1. the makeup and the NOSE are just like, wow, SURREAL. Definitely gonna need some bushy eyebrow ackshun perhaps, but man you look AMAZING. <3

  2. Thanks! OH man, that's wicked to hear. Yup, I forgot to put the eyebrows on my list there but they are most definitely get huge-ified in the next round.

  3. Haha, thanks!! You know that giant sword Inki is making? Yeah, that's for this guy. XD