Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giovanni: There's Always a Catch

The Sculpey is progressing apace - only have to do the cord clips and the lapel decorations - but I've hit a snag with the casting materials. Turns out they're going to be nearly $150 more expensive than anticipated. Guess that's what I get for being Canadian. The initial estimate was already in the ballpark of $250 so do the math there.

So I've had to rethink the game-plan. In the worst-case scenario, I can sand, paint, and attach the Sculpey without casting anything. But this isn't going to work for the bracer where the decorations must be bent around the piece. And there's the very good chance that things will break.

I don't mind spending hundreds of dollars on leather-working tools because they are multi-use items and I know I CAN use them. I'm less enthused about dropping loads of money on buckets of rubber when I'm not even comfortable using the stuff.

I'll leave you with my To Do list for today because the stress is starting to set in and I need to get my shit together:

Attach straps/buckles to vambrace
Pattern the doublet tails
Finish the sword belt

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