Saturday, May 28, 2011

Giovanni: Crisis Averted

Got half the stuff cast last night, aided by the mad skills of my sculptor friend Jesse, who knows all about this sort of thing.

The process was simple but surprisingly intricate:
1. Sculpt the originals out of Super Sculpey
2. Pour the silicone mold with Oomoo 30, available from Smooth-On.
3. Brush in silver powder (also available from Smooth-On)
4. Pour the positives using Smooth Cast 321 after first adding a few drops of black dye to the casting liquid.

And this is what you end up with!

The colour inconsistencies are due to the amount of dye added to the liquid. I opted for the lighter silver last night but now I wish I had kept things darker. But this is how you learn!

Here is how it looks on the belt:

Next week, the flexible stuff will be done, including the vambrace and lapel decorations.

This weekend is going to be insanely busy; I shouldn't even be writing this, given the sheer amounts of stuff to do. Have to tidy up the sword belt and vambrace this morning AND make the pattern (at least for the tails) then head out to the 'rents for my brother's grad party. THEN back into the city at some unholy hour tomorrow morning to wear Marius at the Lilac Festival with the re-enactment peeps THEN back out to the 'rents for a minor road-trip out east to pick up The Captain.

Yeah, holy shit, kids! I'm gettin' a dog!

His name is Nemo aka The Captain and yes, he is a weiner dog. The ultimate weiner dog! With the arrival of spring here, I love getting out for walks in the evening (when I'm not losing my mind over costumes) and what better walking companion than a dog! He's a rescue dog, seven years old, trim, utterly proud, and hilarious.

You probably think I'm daft for taking this on three weeks before Con and I concur absolutely. But this was one of those things where you think about it, you plan it, and you do it. Just like that. I'm stoked.

But enough of this! Things need to be made! Onwards ho.

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