Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giovanni Day 4328: Onwards!

Holy god, an update.

Gio's doublet is rapidly approaching the dubious title of "The Most Complicated Garment Alison Has Ever Made." Once this is done, the rest of it is going to seem like an easy ride. And so I give you the current state of affairs:

And here's the original:

I chickened out on airbrushing the white panels before they were sewn on, so instead I'll dry-brush a bit of dusty dirt over the whole works once it's finished. Just enough to make it look like it's been out and about. There has been more hand-sewing than machine-sewing with this and that's what takes the most time since most of the work here requires very precise stitch placement (like hemming in the slashes on the shoulder guards and attaching the panels.) The frayed panel edges are going to be ironed out more so you can see the red lining better.

At this stage, it's about 85% finished. The hems and the front strap closures are the last things to do but I am stooooked for the final product.

That being said, the time is getting tight. Reflecting on the situation the other night, I decided that Giovanni was being finished, even if that meant halting work on Marius. The latter can be worn the way he currently is on the Friday night preview and then I can fancy him up to the required level over the summer. Because, seriously? He needs to be dripping with ornate chains, feathers, and fancy hand-tooled sword-belts. And the spurs came yesterday! They are BEYOND perfect - probably weigh about two pounds each. Next, I've got to buy him a snuff box since he was totally into that. But, as the cool kids say, that shit ain't cheap. The snuff itself isn't overly pricey but most of the boxes on eBay are antiques, so go figure.

But postal success and nasal cancer aside, I am going to Give It over the next month because I want to have both costumes finished. Gio will be entered in the Con's costume contest because he's the better-known of the two but it's not often I make something I absolutely, utterly love. I think Marius will be like that. Mostly because it's so ridiculous and I get such a kick out of him.

Updates later this week!


  1. totally swank job! :D god, I'd be heartbroken to dirty up that fine white too, but all for authenticity...! <3

  2. Thanks, friend! Oh yeah, that's why I passed on the airbrush - wasn't familiar enough with it and those panels were WAY too much work to screw up. Authenticity is where it's at, yo.

  3. Awesome Job Alison! I'm personally balking about what i got to do with Galactus, stupid freaking vacuum forming table is leeching away all my time!

  4. Ugh, I heard about your vacuum forming table woes from Jesse. Bad luck! But don't give up! We've still got a month and a half! Thanks for the kind words too! Didn't know you had an account here too!