Saturday, May 14, 2011

Giovanni: In Da Hood

So this weekend, I have to do the following:


Last weekend, I put together a rough pattern for the hood but didn't go further with it since I didn't have a hand-held mirror to check the back of it (and it didn't occur to me to use the camera). But checking things this morning in preparation for the day's labours, it wasn't such a rough pattern afterall!

Have a squint.

It doesn't hang exactly like Gio's does in the films but I like this look better, so I'm stickin' to it! Having it tacked down at the front and center-back really stretches it nicely over top of the head.

There are a few things to change - I have to extend the front points so they come down past the edges of the shoulder guards as well as widen the peak, as thus:

Then it should be good to go. (Note to Self: Practise looking murderously predatory...)

Observant readers might have noticed too that the banding is done around the lapels. Yes, indeed this does mean the rest of the hem is completed AND the straps are added across the front. O, happy day. Now I only have to weather it. Awww, yisss.


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