Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giovanni: Lunch Break

Just a quick update to get my head wrapped about the stuff that's left to do. We've been working at fever pitch (thanks to Marius for the phrase) but we can't slack off yet!

Und so:

Sculpt and cast all embellishments
Sew together and attach the white tails to the doublet
DONE - Make a hood pattern that doesn't totally suck and make the hood
DONE - Finish and weather the doublet
Make the sword belt
Make the boots
Make the scabbards for the boot-knife and the throwing knives
JUST ABOUT DONE - Make the under-bracer and the vambrace for the hidden blade
DONE - Finish the details on the shirt
DONE - Make the cloak
Finish the cloak cording

Getting twitchy to work on Marius again too...

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