Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marius: Dallying with a Brace of Courtesans

Because he's been on the brain, have a Marius update so I can get back to Giovanni.

The foam is where we left it last but we do have spur straps! These are temporary dealios, constructed last week so I could wear Marius Thus Far to our much-belated house-warming party. I wanted to test out my fragmentary leather-tooling skills on a small project before I took a stab at his sword belts which will be MUCH more complicated.

So this is what I had after cutting them out and finishing the tooling.

Nothing fancy (mainly because I didn't have the brains/time to find out the free spur strap pattern available from Tandy Leather) but it did the trick.

Next up, dye job! This was painted on with a paint-brush. As you can see, I still haven't mastered the concept of wearing rubber gloves when working with dye. No wonder the museum contractors will never shake my hand...

I'm diggin' the Gothic type for sure. These straps were just a test to see how hard it was to carve and tool this type of lettering. Not that hard, as it happens! So get ready for some sweet sword-belts that include the following phrases:

Sigmar bewilligen mir Sieg - Sigmar grant me victory

Und so ich bade im blut meiner feinde - And thus I bathe in the blood of my enemies

Sigmar ist meine rechte Hand - Sigmar is my right hand

Kurt Helborg riecht wie faule Fu├če - Kurt Helborg smells like rotten feet*

But Indo-Aryan languages aside, the outfit is a riot to wear and will be even more so once I get the cuirass and details finished. At one point, we trekked down to the ice cream shop much to the merriment of passing drivers. I've worn some ridiculous outfits in the past but this was the first one that drew some honks. I must be doing something right... The spurs work perfectly though. When I was putting the straps together, I often found myself thinking "What kind of asshole would wear spurs like this? Oh... yeah."

There hasn't been much time for art amidst all of these costumes but I manage to squeeze a few things in here and there. Popped into the mall a couple weeks back to grab a coffee when I was out buying wedding presents (I see what you did thar, Andrea!) and the shop was quiet enough, so out came the sketch book. Only after I was settled peacefully in, these three girls came in laden with shopping bags and the word 'like'. They ordered coffees and esconced themselves at the bar next to me and proceeded to have a shrieking conversation about the things they bought. My sketch went accordingly.

And then something quick at work yesterday, drawing on the back of the staff meeting minutes. Productivity? You no can haz.

Maybe I'm immature but codpieces always give me the lulz. Still debating whether or not it would be completely horrific for people if I made one for this...

And it's a long weekend! Hells yes! Tonight's sushi night with the Nerd Posse and then I've got four full days to work. Stay tuned for weaponry (yes, for real this time) and Make-Up Test Numbah 2!

*Epic Warhammer Inside Joke: In the Warhammer verse, there is this TERRIFIC rivalry between Marius and Kurt Helborg, Grand Marshall of the Reiksburg Knights. Both are reputed to be the best swordsmen in the Empire but Marius didn't win himself any alliances when he told a "particularly florid tale...concerning Helborg's sister, a churn of butter and a lot of Elven wine."* Apparently, Helborg's sister became a nun shortly afterwards. Furthermore, according to the ever-tactful Count, Helborg has "a poor moustache, worse dental hygiene and a sense of humour to rival a Troll."

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