Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giovanni: The Current State of Affairs

Have an update! Quick! Like a glove!

I give you the following:

It's sitting at 95% done right now. Just have to make the weapons sheaths and figure out those damnable cords (orly?). You can see the vambrace sitting on the boots over by the sewing machine. The boots turned out perfectly, so my initial misgivings were completely unfounded.

Can't believe I'm nearing the end with this. I've never worked on a costume for such an extended period of time; typically, they're shorter projects packed into a month or two of uber-intense, stressful work. But Gio's been ongoing since late December now and the prospect of wrapping him up is a little... sad. But still exhilirating.

Con starts the day after tomorrow. It'll be Marius Friday night and then Gio Saturday and Sunday. Holyshitisthisreallyhappening...

And I just got word from my brilliant roomie (aka La Volpe) and she's snagging me some gold tooth enamel from her work so the good Elector Count can have a gold tooth for Friday night's festivities. Because he's a classy dude like that. Still have to find a snuff box...

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