Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giovanni: The Home Stretch

Apologies for the lack of updates but as you've probably guessed, it's crunch-time. The CCEE 2011 starts the night of 17 June and today's 8 June. Stressful? Yup.

So here's the Epic List of Stuff Left to Do:

Attach lapel decorations
Tack down right doublet shoulder-guard
Add silver scrollwork to leather shoulder guard
Attach cords to leather shoulder-guard
Attach belt-plate to belt
Attach D-rings to belt for cords
Iron out the red stripes more on the doublet
Weather doublet
Make weaponry sheaths
Cast vambrace decoration
Buy temporary "switch blade" for the hidden blade
Attach rope clips
Finish edging on boots
Attach boot straps

I wonder if it would be overly schwein-like of me to ask for a couple of personal days off work this coming week? Let's see how the weekend goes.

Speaking of the boots, they are coming very well! After Con, I will write up a complete tutorial for them. I was super-glad I took the extra time to make sure they fit properly.

They are in various stages of completion here. The leather suede covering has been added to both except for the tops. The one on my left leg has been cut down to its final size - compared to the one on the right, there's about 7 cm off the top and 3cm off the side. Now it's a matter of finishing up the rolled edges (yeah baby, over 460 cm of rolled edges...) and adding the straps.

I think the Captain digs it so far:

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